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In this journey of life there is no final destination.

Why it's important to ask: What do you want in life?
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About half-way through the process of writing Take Back MondayBecky and I were talking about the book, those we had interviewed, and our own journey. A couple of times Becky made the comment that she was still “in process” and I was “living the dream.” In some ways that seemed like a fair assessment. When I look at the journey I’ve been on these past five years I am amazed where life has taken me.

A Little Background

A little over five years ago I had just finished up my last year teaching as a full time faculty member in the Dance Department at BYU. There were so many things I loved about that job. I adored my students. I loved my faculty colleagues. I loved, loved, loved teaching and dancing. Before I hit puberty I was telling people I wanted to be a dance teacher when I grew up. So you can imagine my surprise when I felt my heart tell me it wasn’t the lifetime fit I thought it would be.

Ultimately it took me 2 or 3 years to act on that gut feeling. I still remember the anxiety and sorrow I felt the day I informed the school that I was quitting my job and would not be returning the next year. At the same time, I also remember the freedom and thrill I felt as a whole new world opened up to me. I was no longer defined by my 8-year old dream and for the first time in my life I gave myself permission to find a new vision for my future.

I had no firm plan in place when I quit. Prior to my last month or so of teaching I had been working on a business plan to open a wellness center. But another gut-wrenching feeling forced me to change those plans. Over the next couple years I found a new passion in the form of health and blogging. I met fascinating people. I found freedom in a very different kind of work. A lot of opportunities eventually presented themselves after years of hard work and little pay.

My Now

I love my day to day work. I love the creative process of entrepreneurship. I love the freedom to choose my own hours and work anywhere in the world. So when Becky made the statement that I had “made it” part of me was like, “Heck yeah.” Another part of me was like, “Not even close.”

In reality, I haven’t it “made it” anywhere.

In fact, writing Take Back Monday has showed me just how “in process” I still am. While I love and feel a tremendous amount of gratitude for the work I’ve been able to do at, through reading the incredible stories from the book I found myself re-evaluating my own life… again.

Ask the important question: What do you want in life?

Am I following my passion?

Do I still feel the same fulfillment? 

What does my dream life really look like?

What kind of person do I want to be?

In many ways my current situation reflects what I want out of life. But it’s far from perfect, and that’s okay. I have been reminded how important it is for us to keep asking those important questions–every day, if necessary. Those are the questions that keep us on track, that force us to make changes, and that keep our values right in front of us.

This website is a direct result of asking those questions. It’s a chance for me to better align my day to day with my heart, passions, and goals.

No matter where you are in your own journey, whether you need a big change or need to make small shifts, it’s so important to take time and reflect. What we do for a living is important, and not because of what it adds to our bank account. Our workweek will make up a majority of our adult lives–shouldn’t we be spending that time doing something meaningful?

So ask yourself the important questions. Ask them often. And be brave enough to adjust your path when the answers to those questions aren’t what you want them to be.


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Robin Konie is best described as ‘eclectic.’ Her driving passion in life is following her interests and creating opportunities from them. As a best-selling author, trained dancer, professional blogger, entrepreneur, ‘retired’ university professor, certified movement analyst, mother, and wife she is not afraid to mix things up and live her dreams fully. You can learn more about Robin at