The People Behind TBM

Let’s face it, the book never would have happened without the time, energy, and passion of these amazing individuals below. We’re pretty stoked by the diversity presented here. We are even more excited by the heart and goodness represented in this list.

Ultimately, we are honored to share their stories with you.

– Becky and Robin

Lilly Berelovich

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Fashion Snoops

Sarah Burroughs

Founder of anne b designs

Sarah Burton


Stephanie Fischio


Stephanie Gaudreau

Founder of Stupid Easy Paleo

Rob Grabow

Author and Founder of Intrepid Sportswear

Peggy Hackney

Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst

Lindsay Hadley

Founder of Hadley Impact Consulting

Stephanie Hock


Garrett Hoyt

Professor and Sustainability Expert

Meredith Hutchison

Photographer and Advocate

Treena Huang

Life Coach

Marilee Killpack

Co-Founder of Let’s Playground

Dale Majors

Founder and CEO of Bikewagon

Tim Radjy

Founder and Managing Partner of AlphaMundi

Brendan Sapience


Sam Saverance

Co-Founder of Bunna Cafe

Allegra Stein

Expedition Leader for Life

Kate Traci

Writer and Creator of Kate’s Year and Kate Tweets and

David Wintzer

Founder and Owner of WEDO Gluten Free