Giving Back

We are so thrilled to be donating 50 percent of the profits of Take Back Monday to the non-profit organizations chosen by those we interviewed for the book. Read about each of the amazing organizations and why they were chosen below. If one resonates with you, we hope you’ll contribute to their cause as well!

– Becky and Robin

15 Bytes

Recommended by Stephanie Hock

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“15 Bytes is a nonprofit art publication that helps build the art community in Salt Lake City. I love the work they are doing and the awareness they are bringing to the community.” – Stephanie

Africans in the Diaspora (AiD)

Recommended by Sam Saverance

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Personally, and as a company, we are dedicated to supporting indigenous African solutions for African problems. AiD works to ensure that Africans on the continent and in the diaspora play a leading role in Africa’s progress by connecting their skills, resources, and ideas through their Funds, Voices, and Connections programs.” – Sam

Barbells for Boobs

Recommended by Stephanie Gaudreau

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“They provide funding for mammogram screenings for women and men who can’t get insurance coverage for the procedures. They’re filling a gap in our healthcare system for folks who really need these services.” – Steph

Common Sense Media

Recommended by Brendan Sapience

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“’Love is wise, hatred is foolish’, said Bertrand Russell on a BBC interview once. I believe hatred can be conquered by knowledge and the proper feeding of natural curiosity, both of which can be fostered by proper education. Through Common Sense Education, students can harness technology for learning.  This is a great combination of two things I really care about — advancing technology and inspiring curiosity.” – Brendan

Freehold Theater

Recommended by Rob Grabow

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“Not only does Freehold provide a rigorous acting program to everyone who attends their classes, but they go into prisons to teach theater to inmates and offer discounted classes throughout Seattle.” – Rob

Friends of the Children of Tanzania

Recommended by Treena Huang

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“This is a nonprofit founded by a friend of mine, which provides health, education and quality of life to disadvantaged children in northwest Tanzania. Not only do they suffer from poverty, they are disabled and marginalized in a society that does not have social safety nets.” – Treena

The Girl Effect

Recommended by Peggy Hackney

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“I chose this one because girls are the most powerful change agents on this planet! Our daughter, Ashby Anglin, works for the United Nations in the area that is called The  Population Fund. At a recent UN International conference, the keynote speaker pointed out that the planet of the future was in the hands of the girls that are currently 11 years old and living in Africa.” – Peggy

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Recommended by Kate Traci

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“Blind people who still step out and about in the world are some of the most courageous people I know. Plus, these dogs are just amazing and deserve the best we can give them.” – Kate

International Rescue Committee

Recommended by Meredith Hutchison

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Vision Not Victim was made possible through a partnership with the International Rescue Committee. I met with many organizations and individuals, but when I met with my counterparts working on women’s protection and empowerment at the IRC, they got it right away and had a lot of expertise, ideas, and insights to add.” – Meredith


Recommended by Tim Radjy

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“Kiva leverages a global lending community to connect individuals and create opportunities worldwide.  They offer an excellent opportunity for anyone to enter the world of impact investing in a very tangible way.”– Tim

National Interscholastic Cycling Association

Recommended by Dale Majors

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“This organization provides an great introduction to the world of biking by encouraging young people to join and compete in high school mountain biking leagues.” – Dale

Northwest Earth Institute

Recommended by Garrett Hoyt

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“Northwest Earth Institute is a non-profit that encourages sustainable living. My wife leads discussion groups there where people sit around and discuss what they could do better.  Building community and encouraging one another to treat the planet right is the foundation of change.” – Garrett

National Public Radio

Recommended by Allegra Stein

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“NPR is incredibly resourceful, creative, unbiased and deep-reaching. I love that they promote deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures.” – Allegra

Operation Kids Foundation

Recommended by Lindsay Hadley

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“The Operation Kids Foundation has been incredible supportive of my projects through the years and they are constantly trying to identify new and exciting ways to make waves in the social sector.” – Lindsay

OUR Rescue

Recommended by Marilee Killpack

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“Operation Underground Railroad rescue kidnapped children from slavery. I’ve been a big fan of OUR Rescue since I first heard of them. Theirs is a mission, though sobering, that resonates with me because I believe every child deserves to play. And furthering that cause brings a lot of hope to my heart.” – Marilee

SOS Children’s Villages

Recommended by Lilly Berelovich

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SOS Children’s Villages creates stable, loving families for orphaned children by providing a home where each child receives individual attention and guidance until he or she becomes an independent adult. This is a remarkable organization currently raising 80,000 children in over 500 villages across 133 countries, including in the United States.” – Lilly

Utah Arthritis Foundation

Recommended by Sarah Burton

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In my opinion, arthritis likely doesn’t get a lot of attention compared to other diseases, but it can really be a hindrance for those who have it. The Arthritis Foundation provides information, community events, advocacy and research funding to support 1 in 4 Utah residents who struggle daily with this serious health issue.” – Sarah

Wigs for Kids

Recommended by Stephanie Fischio

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I learned about this organization recently while I was researching online to find a particular hairstyle. On that very same day, a little girl came in to get her hair cut to donate to the organization. She was so happy knowing that her donation was going to help another young person.” – Stephanie

World Food Program USA

Recommended by David Wintzer

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“WEDO Gluten Free is a socially motivated company that is dedicated to feeding the hungry.  With our BUY ONE-Feed ONE program, every time you purchase one WEDO Gluten Free product, you provide a meal for one hungry child in need via the World Food Program USA. We’re thrilled that donations from the sales of this book will also be used to support the World Food Program USA.” – David