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Career Choices: Why what you do matters.

When you are thinking about all the career choices out there, consider some important questions to make the best decision for a happy life.
Written by Robin
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Let’s talk about career choices. Kind of daunting, right? Whether you’re fresh out of school or a couple decades into a profession,  our career seems to be a very defining element in life.

For most of history, one’s career was seen as a lifelong endeavor. The definition actually uses the phrase, “one’s lifework.” That’s a pretty hefty commitment. And still, these days more people are realizing that our career choices can be flexible and adaptive. In fact,when we realize our career doesn’t have to contain some sort of job title like “Lawyer,” “Sale Rep,” “Graphic Designer,” or the like, we open ourselves up for greater success.

Our life’s work should be about finding happiness.

There are a lot of career choices out there. Maybe there is one that has been calling your name for a long time. Maybe you are unsure what you want to do with your life. Plenty of us have had to (and may still have to) take a job that “pays the bills” while we figure out our bigger calling in life. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to get sucked into the belief that any one job is the end all experience, especially if what you do doesn’t make your happy.

What you do matters.

Think about it: We spend how many hours working each day? Each week? Each month? Throughout our life? No need to pull out a calculator–I can tell you: It’s a lot.

If you’re hate your job it will affect every other aspect of your life: Your health, your relationships, your well being. Even if you’re job is just “okay,” think about the hours lost that could have been filled doing something fulfilling. Happiness is our birthright. If you’re in a job that doesn’t make you happy at least most of the time, maybe it’s time to consider other career choices.

Career Choices: When you hate what you do.

Maybe you love to play golf, but you don’t really think you have the skills to be a professional. If  the “dream job” is out of the question, people tend to give up and settle for whatever they can get. What if, instead, you looked closer at what’s hiding behind the surface? What is it you like about golfing? Is it being outside? Is the skill itself? Is it’s being around people you like? Even if you can’t golf for a living, is there a job that speaks to those basic elements you love about the sport that would be a better fit than your current job?

Every job has it’s drawbacks, but when you find the thing you were meant to do those drawbacks are minimized. There are people living their dreams right now. In fact, we interviewed 20 of them. Each person has a very different story to share, but each person openly discussed setbacks, failures, and fears. Even with these challenges, each person also said they would do it again. Because they love what they do. Because they feel fulfilled by what they do. Because the happiness that comes from their work spills over into every other aspect of their life.

Finding a job you love doesn’t have to look any certain way. But it should feel a certain way. If you don’t love what you do, consider why. Consider changing.

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