Take Back Monday - The Book

Take Back Monday by Becky Burton and Robin Konie


Have you bought into the belief that the workweek is something to dread?
TAKE BACK MONDAY profiles 20 people who have custom built a life they love. Get an inside look into each of their lives and discover what living a dream really looks like—from the fears and setbacks to the freedom and fulfillment. You’ll learn that there is no cookie cutter approach to happiness, but with some tenacity, vision, and hard work you can finally stop living for the weekend.
You have the power to love your life—every day of the week.


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“Take Back Monday is a delightful, inspiring collection of stories about everyday people who found the courage to cast off the shackles of society’s expectations. The book’s beauty stems from the diversity of the 20 individuals it profiles—each who candidly shares his or her quest to answer the question, “What do you want to do with your life?” No two people’s answers are identical, though every one of their journeys begins with the same leap of faith into the unknown. If you’ve ever been curious about how that leap feels—the simultaneous fear and exhilaration of it—read this book!”   -Yitka Winn


“For someone who has been contemplating my work for a long time, Take Back Monday was a breath of fresh air. I loved being able to read so many unique perspectives on what it means to live your dreams. I especially admire the honesty about fear, failure, and how to get back up after set backs. This was just the book I needed to fuel my own passion and take the next step. Thank you!”  -Ben Taggart



About the Authors - Take Back Monday

Robin Konie is best described as ‘eclectic.’ Her driving passion in life is following her interests and creating opportunities from them. As a best-selling author, trained dancer, entrepreneur, ‘retired’ university professor, and certified movement analyst, she is not afraid to mix things up and live her dreams fully. Learn more about Robin here.
Becky Burton is a hopeful adventurer. Having lived in Tanzania, France, Ecuador and New York, she loves every corner of this spinning blue sphere we call home. Her most recent accomplishment is a 160-page love letter to the Big Apple, otherwise known as her first novel. Learn more about Becky here.


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