We love Monday.

We know that kind of goes against popular trends. After all, there are plenty of funny memes, iconic songs, and even grumpy cat t-shirts that propel the myth that Monday is something to despise.

It’s time to change that mindset.

It’s time to take back Monday.

It’s time to love what you do—every day of the week.

This site is dedicated to sharing inspiring stories, motivating change, and shattering the ‘live for the weekend’ mentality.

This site is for you.

We believe the more people love their day-to-day work the better. When you love what you do you are happier, kinder, and more eager to help others. When you follow your passions you ignite the passion of others. This leads to more happiness, more kindness, and more goodness for the whole world.

We hope you’ll stick around to listen to inspiring stories via our Take Back Monday podcast, read up on our adventures in loving life through the blog, and check out our book, Take Back MondaySeriously, go check it out now.

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Who are we?

We’re Becky and Robin. Life long friends with a passion for making the most out of opportunities.

This is us in 1991:

Take Back Monday: Becky Burton and Robin Konie 1991

We were ten years old and feeling pretty gosh-darn good about ourselves. We had just finished a neighborhood carnival that we had planned for months. As young entrepreneurs we doubled our investment and ignited a lifelong journey of creating fulfilling experiences.

This is us now. 24 years later:

Take Back Monday: Becky Burton and Robin Konie

We still love to make memories that fuel our passion. Our ‘business’ meetings are full of laughter. Our eyes are still wide-opened as we consider the many possibilities of life. You can read a little more about Becky here and Robin here.

If you have a story worth telling (or know someone who does!) we’d love to chat. Sign up for our newsletter and drop us a line so we can chat. Above all things, we love telling the stories of those who love life every day of the week.